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Below are synopsis of novel manuscripts in descending order of completion. I recently signed a contract with Strange Wonderful World Press to publish Pasamive. This is an exciting time, and I’m thrilled to be working with Becca Horne, a wonderful publisher and fantastic writing coach. Stayed tuned!


Set in the fictional town of Cross, Mississippi, Pasamive takes the reader into a once successful and historically significant southern town now in decline. The shocking win of a contest coordinated by a local church youth group propels Cross onto the national scene when it is selected to host the final concert of the world tour of the most famous boy band in Christian music. Events surrounding the concert require the town to come together revealing the previously unrecognized or celebrated talents of local individuals and the community at large to resurrect their dying town while also exposing the dark side of a culture still struggling with old demons. At the center of the story is Elizabeth Mitchell, a strong, independent female character struggling to be a successful business woman and mother. Embracing a southern tone and humor, it explores the universally feminine challenge to meet the needs of family and self.


Willa Mitchell is the beautiful, accomplished daughter of a moneyed family in Cross, Mississippi. Though her social status gives her access to the town elite, her secret professional life keeps her away from home for long stretches of time. Understood to be a celebrated collector and archivist of historic women’s writings, this is only a small part of what she does. A healer, she journeys clients back into time using a controversial ritual to discover their sources of pain and alter reality. She returns with treasures passed down from mothers to daughters through the centuries that preserve the ritual, knowledge and science that is now called witchcraft. Though her work takes her across the globe, she understands that her magic comes through the land of her ancestors. Mississippi always calls her home though the belief systems that would mark her as evil keep her from finding the love and friendship she desires.


The Mitchell Magic is coveted across centuries and witch families. This is the story of its capture by the woman who would become the mother of Willa Mitchell. The most celebrated witch in the modern time, she almost lost her magic to the one she has battled throughout time but who, in this lifetime, was to become her mother – forced to love the woman she had sworn to hate for all eternity.