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03 August, 2017 0 290

My rant on behalf of Librarians in support of Information Literacy

Libraries and organizations like ALA and ACRL have done an excellent job of creating standards and educating and empowering information professionals to have a passion for information literacy. What has to happen, however, is for library leaders to give librarians a platform to make it happen.

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11 July, 2017 0 309

Fulfillment of life dream ALERT: I’m learning to be a librarian!

For those of us who have a passion for reading, it isn’t much of a stretch to believe that journeying through a novel inhabiting characters who experience events and emotions well beyond our little world teaches us as readers how to feel.

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06 June, 2017 0 326

Philanthropic giving is philanthropy – not an investment

There is so much research on the emotional and physical benefit of giving and volunteering.

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08 May, 2017 0 346

Build it and they will come

Curse you, Ray Kinsella, for making me and everyone else believe for way too long that this was true!

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11 April, 2017 Blog 0 358

Philanthropy as Discipline

(First of all – sorry for the Spyware, subscribers! I think it’s all taken care of now!) I had a very interesting conversation this week with a young woman about philanthropy. She was preparing for some interviews for committee positions on the student government at her university, and as we chatted through potential interview questions […]

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18 March, 2017 0 347

Nonprofits – the third sector of the American Economy

Nonprofits are the third sector in the American economy. They are not supposed to make NO profit. They are here to balance the mission of corporate business (to make money for shareholders) and the government.

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11 March, 2017 0 404

Bridging Libraries and Philanthropy

Libraries, just like all nonprofits, have to become really good at fundraising. Tips and tricks are super handy, but we also need research. My doctoral studies are working towards projects that provide evidence for best practices moving forward, and I hope more scholars will join me in this inquiry.

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06 March, 2017 0 352

What it takes to be a good Fundraiser

I think I’ll make this blog a living document and add more to it when I think of it. Please post comments with your own suggestions of things to ad.

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06 March, 2017 0 353

Participating in your own Survival

Here’s the thing: everyone is scared at first to ask someone for money. But just because it feels uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s immoral and does not mean you are incapable of learning how to do it.

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02 March, 2017 0 371

Presenting at Computers in Libraries conference

I’m very excited to be presenting and leading a workshop at the Computers in Libraries conference March 27-30 in Arlington, Virginia.

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28 February, 2017 0 355

Future Shock

If you’ve ever experienced information overload (which I did last semester doing a literature review of research on information overload) you know that it is a serious and debilitating condition.

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25 February, 2017 0 1,534


Philanthropy can be part of a person’s substance – one of many factors that contribute to them being made stronger and more robust. That giving, in turn, offers a similar value to missions of organizations and individuals whose lives can be changed through the support of others.

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23 February, 2017 0 1,926

Why I value Popular Scholarship

...my writing goal is to bridge academic scholarship to the public, so I need to begin where they are. I appreciate that this isn’t everyone’s goal.

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17 February, 2017 0 1,567

My Philanthropy Research Interest

There are so many angles to explore in the study of philanthropy.

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13 January, 2017 0 1,596

The Query is Everything

To some people’s discomfort, I see philanthropy as an act of love. The Greek word means “love of man,” which I reduce to simply “love” in order to include all the focal points for modern philanthropy – women, children, the poor, animals, trees, whales, the earth, water, trees etc.

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13 January, 2017 0 386

Who am I and why do I think I can talk about Philanthropy?

I have a reverence for fundraisers – I call them the brokers of love.

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13 January, 2017 0 385

What I thought about Philanthropy before I knew what it was

Don't cheat yourself out of experiencing compassion.  There is nothing more wonderful than helping someone and sharing in their feelings of gratitude and relief.  There is nothing more wonderful than connecting with someone on an emotional level. 

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